Non Carbon – engine decarbonization service

What is NonCarbon?

The NonCarbon device has an incredible cleaning capacity. Using advanced technology developed over many years, hydrogen enters through the air intake and removes up to 75% of carbon deposits and enables your engine to run smoothly and perform better.

What are the advantages?

    The advantages of NonCarbon cleaning are:

    • Engine operation and fuel consumption return to normal
    • Stops clogging of expensive engine parts (EGR, DPF, spark plugs, injectors…)
    • Reduces exhaust gases
    • Facilitates the passing of the Eco test during vehicle registration
    • In marine engines, it stops fouling of vital engine parts: turbocharger, nozzles, pistons
    • It restores the power of the marine engine and allows it to operate at a lower number of revolutions with the same power.

    You will find all the necessary information on the direct link:

    For all other information, please feel free to contact us at tel: 021/509-603.

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